Health & Safety

We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of all our employees, customers and stakeholders, which is of paramount importance in everything we do.

Our safety aspirations are encapsulated by the acronym PEAR:

  • Zero harm to People
  • Zero harm to the Environment
  • Zero harm to Assets
  • Zero harm to Reputation

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We believe that all cases of work-related ill health, injuries and incidents are preventable and it is our policy that all near misses, however minor, are reported. This is a higher standard than is normally applied in this industry.

Our policy on occupational safety, health, environment and process safety requires the active involvement of all employees to ensure that continuous efforts are made to maintain and improve our performance and recognise our obligations under applicable international, national and local legislation and management standards.

At all our sites and offices, we are committed to take 
all reasonable measures to identify the potential for accidents, eradicating that potential and thus maintaining our goal of zero harm.

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