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Our Logistics Business

Axis Logistics is the in-house logistics division of the Prax Group of companies, a British multinational, independent exploration and production, refining, storage, distribution and sales conglomerate dealing in crude oil, petroleum products and bio-fuels, headquartered in London, with a complete integration across the oil value chain, from upstream to downstream.

As a global energy conglomerate, an important step was to bring the transportation of fuel from our terminals to our customer sites in-house. The result of this was our global transport company, called Axis Logistics.

We rolled out our first trucks from our hub at West Thurrock in the United Kingdom on January 20th 2020, demonstrating our on-going commitment to further strengthen the infrastructure behind our supply chain.

Axis Logistics moves product by road, rail, ship and pipeline. Efficiency and reliability are the cornerstones of our business, ensuring smooth service and seamless supply to our customers.

Where we Operate

London, England – Prax Group Headquarters and Office for Europe & Africa; Weybridge, England – Office for Harvest Energy; Lincolnshire, England – Prax Lindsey Oil Refinery; Godalming, England – Office for Exploration & Production; Aberdeen, Scotland – Office for Exploration & Production
Houston, Texas – Office for the Americas
Singapore – Office for Middle East & Asia
Antwerp, Belgium

Latest News

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Axis Logistics Unveils New Aviation Trailers And Rigid Trucks

It’s been over four years since we rolled out our first Axis Logistics trucks from our hub at West Thurrock in the UK,…
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12th March 2024 in Company News

Axis Logistics Expands Its Fleet

Axis Logistics has grown its fleet of trucks, which gives us greater control over how and when we deliver to our customers, increasing our service levels…
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24th September 2021 in Company News

Axis Logistics Unveils All-New Trucks

Here’s a very first look at the all-new trucks in the Axis Logistics stable.  The new fleet was purchased in order to undertake…
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